Say It For Seniors

With most of the world currently in self-isolation, and senior care facilities locked down in response to the global pandemic, our valued elders may not be alone, but they are often lonely, with limited access to their families and loved ones.

#SayItForSeniors is a movement to help show seniors that they aren’t alone by connecting them to the ‘outside world’.


Using the hashtag #SayItForSeniors, friends, families, and strangers can express their goodwill on social media and share drawings, letters, photos, videos, and positive messages to seniors everywhere – letting them know, they aren’t alone.

The concept is simple – take simple acts of kindness and marry them with new technologies to bring some light to a senior’s day.


“Researchers have found that loneliness is just as lethal as smoking 15 cigarettes per day. Lonely people are 50% more likely to die prematurely than those with healthy social relationships.”

Loneliness is a societal issue that some have called a health epidemic leading to a host of problems like depression, cognitive decline and even a greater chance of heart disease.

Our hope is that #SayItForSeniors messages of positivity and kindness help our senior generation to feel more connected, combatting social isolation and devastating loneliness, one post at a time.

*For more information on the effects of loneliness please visit our resources page.


The easiest way for anyone to get involved is to take any positive sentiment you’d like to share with our elders and post it to your social media platform of choice – making sure to tag your message with the hashtag #SayItForSeniors. The hashtag term can be searched and aggregated as a stream of content. Think of it as a TV channel of non-stop well-wishes.

To make this happen, we are counting on a variety of sources to contribute including children, schools or teams, families, seniors themselves, senior care communities and a variety of organizations that can contribute by sharing their time and expertise on digital communication and getting seniors safely online.



One of the best-untapped resources for bringing joy to seniors? Children. Many are home from school at the moment and parents are searching for positive ways to harness their energy. What better way to teach our youth to give back to their community than to take something they already enjoy and share it with the world?

We encourage children and their families, classes or teams to produce their own special brand of content to share with seniors everywhere – including letters, drawings or posters, crafts, or a video of themselves saying hello, telling a joke, or performing a song or dance.

Then, with a parent’s permission (and assistance), they can share digital copies of their works across a variety of social media platforms along with the #SayItForSeniors hashtag.

Kids are always excited to see the results of their work – why not bring a smile to someone who needs it at the same time?


Of course, there is nothing stopping our tech-savvy seniors of the world from reaching out to fellow seniors! Connect with your peers and follow the #SayItForSeniors feeds to see what other seniors are sharing too. Reach out to individual respondents and forge new ‘virtual pen pal’ relationships through Facebook Messenger, Instagram, etc.


If you are a Senior Care community you can get involved directly by helping your residents with access to the technology that will help them view the positive messages and images as well as assistance in teaching residents how to interact with their well-wishers. Check out our Resources Page for more info on how to help seniors get connected safely (with infection control in mind) and set up for interaction.


If you’ve reviewed our Resources page and still need some guidance on helping seniors get online, let us know how we can help. Contact Fully Managed – a full service IT organization with 16+ years serving the needs of senior care communities at


If you a senior care technology service provider or someone who wants to help with this initiative, please tell us a little bit about yourself and one of our joint partners will get back to you to discuss ways to help spread the love!