Roadtrip For Nana

Dan is on our senior care sales team. His Nana lives three hours away in an independent community. But that didn’t stop Dan and his brother from hitting the road to make sure she feels the love!

As Dan pointed out, “It’s been said that loneliness can have the same health impacts as smoking 15 cigarettes daily. Reach out to your seniors it’ll make their day!”

Dan, your Nana is lucky to have such caring grandsons.

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Through The Looking Glass

Our man in Massachusetts, team member Matt, has to find ways to stay connected to his 89-year-old mom Joan during the Covid-19 pandemic. (His 94-year-old aunt also lives upstairs!) He stopped by for a “virtual” lunch.  Although it’s not quite the same as their usual hug, it does the trick for now.

Prior to the pandemic Joan was still working as a part-time receptionist at an Assisted Living facility. Let’s hope she can get back to her duties and hugs with Matt soon!

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