Matthew McConaughey Hosts Virtual Bingo for Texas Senior Facility

Alright, alright, alright! Now this is what we are talking about. Matthew and his family recently called numbers in a virtual bingo session with a senior facility in his home state of Texas. A great example of maintaining connections and as McConaughey says, “turning a red light into a green light.”

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Covid19 Fast Forwards Tech Adoption in Senior Living

Interesting article in Senior Housing News April 2nd about how the Covid19 pandemic has spurred many in senior living to embrace the digital age.  Many communities are now rushing to find ways to arrange telehealth, more reliable WiFi networks and digital capabilities that enable residents to communicate with families. The team at CareWorx Fully Managed has certainly noticed an uptick in requests for help with WiFi, teleheath and recommendations for virtually connecting residents. Check out our resources page for more info. We’re adding new materials every week.

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