Creative Ways to Stay in Touch

We’ve all seem the examples – the creative ways people are staying in touch. From porch visits, to waves through windows, to homemade signs and chats over mobile phones – we are all doing whatever it takes to safely stay connected with the seniors in our lives. Our team is no different – finding ways to say Hello and We Miss You any way they can.

Have a great story about how your family is connecting with older loved ones? Send it along to us at

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Communication in Times of Crisis

Senior living communities across the country are taking every precaution with coronavirus (COVID-19) and putting strict plans in place to keep their residents healthy.

With so many uncertainties around COVID-19, it is easy for seniors to feel increasingly isolated from friends and family. Communication and connection are key right now to helping seniors and their loved-ones cope with separation. The more we communicate, even just to say hello, will help combat social isolation and let these seniors know they are loved.

Our friends at LifeLoop know a thing or two about communication. They provide a family and resident engagement platform, to help communities keep their residents feeling connected to their loved ones and the outside world.

LifeLoop has provided us with some great virtual activities that we have shared in the Resources section on this web site. We hope they are helpful!

We can’t emphasize enough that engagement, communication and connection are key right now! Acts and messages of kindness will help seniors know we are thinking of them!

Mixing Old and New


Our friends at Cliniconex remind us all that mixing a little “old school” with technology is a great way to stay connected during the pandemic. Why not match up your kids with a senior pen pal? Fantastic. How about a virtual book club? Love it. Check out their blog post, reprinted below, for a few more ideas:

The spread of COVID-19 has led to rapid and dramatic changes in day-to-day life, and senior care facilities are no exception. While some might welcome social distancing during the crisis, for those in senior care, not having family and friends visit can be isolating and potentially have adverse effects on health.

Research shows that family involvement in the lives of seniors in care facilities can have positive effects on their cognitive and behavioural health. This means care homes now must balance strict isolation and containment protocols while maintaining a standard of life for their residents.

While we all do our part to limit the spread of the virus by staying home and limiting social interactions, here are some ways to stay connected and social – from a distance.

Video Chat

If your family member has access to a tablet, computer or smartphone, you have […]

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Shoutout for Cyber-Seniors

A Say It For Seniors shoutout to an organization called Cyber-Seniors that aims to bridge the digital divide and connect generations through technology. They are committed to getting seniors safely online. Some great resources here including zoom meetings that explain how to shop online, video chatting, online banking etc. They also match up teenage tech mentors with eager-to-learn seniors! Visit their site for more info!

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Welcome to #SayItForSeniors

Welcome to the movement! #SayItForSeniors was started as a way to combat social isolation in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. This new normal of social distancing in an effort to protect society’s most vulnerable is challenging for all of us. But with restrictions on visitation at senior care facilities, our eldest members of society, along with their caregivers, may be feeling particularly isolated right now.

We can help that by showing our seniors some much needed kindness!

It’s really quite easy.

  • Using your social media accounts post some friendly messages or videos and include #SayItForSeniors in your post.
  • We’ll work to get that hashtag out there and let senior care facilities and others know where they can find all the messages to show residents or seniors living in their own homes!

So gather up the kids, organize your family or a team (now meeting virtually of course) and get busy! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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